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Make a Scene, Strike a Pose

Hi everyone!

My name is Jimmy, I am a glamour photographer based out of San Antonio, Texas.

I absolutely love shooting on location with fun people and making magic. You will almost never see me in studio. I feel creatively stifled when I'm limited to facing a backdrop. I'm all for making those micro-decisions on location - which bush looks best to shoot next to, how should I stage the furniture in the background etc. I think shooting on location adds to making an image have an entire scene so the viewer can more fully immerse themselves in the fantasy that you create. 

I've been around photography my entire life. My dad was a part time photographer, specializing in high school senior portraits, and weddings. During family vacations, my parents would always give me a camera to take pictures with as we travelled. 

I picked up my first professional camera during my junior year of college. After 3 years of engineering, I needed a creative outlet. After I moved to San Antonio I began to go to photography meetup groups. I found I truly enjoyed working with models, making great images and seeing those images in print. Since starting out in glamour photography, I've had the pleasure to work with amazing industry professionals, and I can't wait to work with many more.  

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